2013 Armsport World Championships

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2013 IronMind

Hosted by Alex Fitness in Moscow, Russia, the 2013 Armlifting World Championships last weekend represented another standout competition for what is developing as the world standard in grip strength contests.
fa484f71f2c168581810a51b5c7b48edd21f796c8ce079cb79dde2c930bd7f8d1dd718d330d3227b64d9aede79854ee1Iryna Postnikova attacks 68 kg on the Rolling Thunder® at the 2013 Armlifting World Championships.  IronMind® | Photo courtesy of www.ironworld.ru.
“We had a lot of participants from all over Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belorussia, Kyrgyzstan and me from Finland,” Alexey Tyukalov told IronMind.  Odd Haugen of course was the big ‘Norwegian Viking Star,’ of it all.”

Tyukalov is the current world record holder in the Rolling Thunder and a former world record holder in the Captains of Crush (CoC) Silver Bullet Hold.

“Altogether we had 60 sportsmen and women. We managed to gain more sponsors than before and had TV, internet and media present. We didn’t break any big records, but had good results and new talented athletes. We have introduced our sponsors with their stands at the competition venue and we also had IronMind products there.
Alexander Asinovsky won the Captains of Crush (CoC) Silver Bullet Hold with a time of 43.33 seconds.  IronMind® | Photo courtesy of www.ironworld.ru.

“The final absolute results were as follows:

Apollon Axle, Odd Haugen, 210 kg
Rolling Thunder, Alexey Tyukalov, 118 kg
Pinch Gripping 2 Olympic discs 50 kg: Alexey Tyukalov, 40.36 sec.
Captains of Crush (CoC) Silver Bullet: Alexander Asinovsky: 43.33 sec.

Also, two people completed their official attempts and were certified on the Captains of Crush No. 3 gripper and two on theCrushed to Dust! Challenge,” said Tyukalov.

For complete results, please follow this link, and for a gallery of photos, please follow this link.
Andrey Sharkey (left) and Odd Haugen (right).  IronMind® | Photo courtesy of www.ironworld.ru

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