National Association of Powerlifting (NPA)


My name is Andrey Repnitsyn. I am the President of the National
Association of Powerlifting (NPA) in Russia (our website: ). We hold tournaments since 2007.
In 2012, our association has become the largest organization of
powerlifting in Russia, held 47 tournaments in a year.

In October 2012 we had Europe’s largest festival of power sporat
«GOLDEN TIGER — 6» (website: ), in which
were the largest in the world powerlifting competition of all times,
in all countries and all federations: 2012 WORLD CUP GOLDEN TIGER
CLASSIC. Was recorded 914 performances on powerlifting (results: )!

Since we spent the biggest tournament in the world, we decided to
develop an independent international organization: NPA. We found
representation in the U.S. in the face of Gene Rychlak, on 3 March the
first tournament held in the U.S. NPA/RPS (link: ) Thus, the NPA
fully fledged international organization powerlifting.

We are currently negotiating the opening of our representative
offices in Ukraine.

In view of the foregoing, our Association announces Locator NPA
in other countries. Together we can do it even better. Write to:

Terms of cooperation are very beneficial and interesting for all!
If you wish to organize tournaments, please contact us, we will always
find you mutually beneficial terms.

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