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530607_419982621405762_1645352022_nDear respected KYOKUSHIN Friends Osu!

We welcome all Competitor that will honor Sosai Mas Oyama and the old Masters. Its does not matter where you come from! Dojo, Style or Organization. If you have won a tournament, title, or have be between the 8 best in a tournament, we welcome your skills and spirit to,
«The Ultimate World Open Karate Tournament»
in Copenhagen will be streamline by Internet so the world can see the World Strongest karate at the Tatami. Her is no politic only Respect and friendships. This World Tournament is Open for all style, Dojo and organization.
Who will be the world strongest! KYOKUSHIN FIGHTER at all time? We have invited the world Strongest Fighter from all the World Kyokushin karate organization. Who do you think is the best Kyokushin karate fighter in the World today?

Do not Miss this Great World Tournament!

To get your Fight card for «The Ultimate World Open Karate Tournament» in Copenhagen at the 25th of May 2013.

You Coach, Dojo or Organization must send your Applications Form to:

«Need of VISA to Denmark».We must have your Applications Form before the 15th of Marts 2013.
We must have your Application Forms with full Name, Age, countries, Hight in cm, Weight, pass photo, copy of your pass, participating category, Coach name, Dojo name, name of International Organization.

When we have receive your Application Form with your Team list to this World Tournament, we will send you an official invitation that you can use to applying for VISA.
Go to her you will find the e-mailadress for the VISA Service in Denmark.

«No need of VISA to Denmark» We must have your Applications Form before the 1st of April 2013.

We will like to help you to have a pleasant stay in Denmark (Copenhagen), should there be a problem arise with booking Hotel or do want to experience Wonderful Copenhagen or making your Application Forms for the World Open Karate Tournament. We are happy to provide you with help.
Just contact the World Tournament Committee at

Osu and respect

On behalf of the
World Tournament Committee

Kaicho Jon Bluming 10. Dan Holland ( Honorary member)
Hanshi Flemming Jinzen Schroter 8. Dan Denmark
Hanshi Jan De Bruin 8. Dan Holland
Hanshi Klaus Nonnemacher 8. Dan Germany
Hanshi Pedro Rotz 8. Dan Spain
Hanshi Mladen S 8. Dan Croatia
Hanshi Tom Madsen 8. Dan Germany
Sensei Soeren Sandersen 4. Dan Denmark
Sensei Michael Reim 3. Dan Denmark

Internationale & National Organization:
World Kyokushin Budokai (IBK)
World Karate / Kickboxing Union (WKU)
Global Combat Sports Organization (GCO)
Danish International Kyokushin Organization (DIKKO)
Danish Contact Karate Federation (DKKF)

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